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Established in 2013, we're a family business located in Cherry Burton in East Yorkshire.

Scott Clark Electrical Your professional and friendly East Yorkshire Electrican

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"Reliable, trustworthy Part P qualified electricians that turn up when they say they will, and do a job that is safe and done to last."
We are a dedicated team of skilled and qualified electricians who bring a wealth of knowledge to your home or business in a wide variety of electrical fields. Since 2009, the team at Scott Clark Electrical has provided the highest quality electrical services, and we always strive to deliver our work at a fair price.
Here at Scott Clark Electrical, we're not just electricians. Sure, we do a great job of keeping your lights on and your appliances working - but we also understand the importance of ensuring your home's electrical system is safe and sound. Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, you want to make sure that your electrical system is working safely and efficiently.

We have a 'One call does it all' philosophy, so if you need advice, you need an assessor, you need a quote, you need an electrician, you need an electrician to sign off on a job, or you need a new fuse board, we can do it all. We can do jobs on a big scale or a small scale.

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